Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maintenant ouvert! Now open!

Well, we're deep into the second week of la Rentrée and this means that all of Paris's surfeit of boulangeries, agences immobiliers and pressingsthe stalwart pillars of the French economy, such as it isare now officially reopened for business. And so, dear readers, are we.

We have been busy during our hiatus, mind you, and spent no appreciable time in traffic jams on the autoroutes or lying on cobble-strewn beaches, hélas, but this does however mean that we have much to report and to catch up on. 

We will be posting a number of announcements about developments in our work these next days, so please check back with us often during September.

And the first order of business is to report to those patiently awaiting the reopening of the Architectural Notecards online store is, firstly, thank you for your patience!, and secondly, it is again online (click on the treillage pavilion at right) with a spanking new format, and hopefully without any fatal bugs. As those of you who deal with this sort of thing know, patience when upgrading a website is not only a virtue but a sorely taxed necessity.

First thing you will notice is that each card is presented at full scale, so you will be able to see the majority of our watercolors online in great detail, making the boutique a virtual gallery as well. 

As an added bonus, the entire Architectural Watercolors website has been upgraded as well, with a responsive format that will make it fully accessible to those of you with tablets and smartphones. It is still a bit rough about the edges, so please bear with us as we polish and expand existing content in the coming weeks. The shop is fully integrated with the main site and is also responsive for those of you wedded to those clever little microwave emitters, which adds up to over half the page views in the US, so none too soon! 

Alors, bienvenue!

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