Sunday, September 15, 2013

Central Park NYC: "redefines the coffee table book"

We are extremely pleased to announce that Rizzoli published Central Park NYC: An Architectural View this past Tuesday, September 10, accompanied by a review in that same day's edition of the New York Times.

From the Times review: “Central Park NYC: An Architectural View” (Rizzoli, $75), the artist-authors Andrew Zega and Bernd H. Dams explore the park’s multitude of overlooked smaller structures, statues, benches and bridges.

Their original watercolors and photographs and revealing text redefine the coffee table book: More than just pretty pictures to be savored, these images will enrich and deepen the reader’s experience of the park.
We are delighted that the Times recognized and lauded the underlying rigor of this book. We should also point out that beyond the park's structures and ornaments, our true focus is rather upon the park's design, divided into thirteen chapters that examine important features, such as the Mall, Bethesda Terrace and the Belvedere, and others devoted to design elements, such as the park's monuments, its bridges and arches, its water features, and its rustic structures.

To peek inside, you can visit this link to the book's Amazon page, where you can access an interactive pdf with a shocking number of the book's pages put online for your perusal. While pasting the link, we were delighted to see that Central Park NYC has already reached the #1 position in Amazon's landscape architecture category, and horrified that only 2 copies remain in stock. Our thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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