Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Music of the Spheres

Being fascinated by all aspects of physics, from quantum to astro, I was literally bowled over by this short video by the Dutch freelance video editor, Sander van den Berg. With simple genius, he has assembled countless still photos from the Voyager and Cassini missions to Saturn and Jupiter, creating a short (less than 2 minute) video of staggering beauty and grace.

As you ponder the aching beauty of the rings of Saturn, in mythology our first sun, which was cast out to become Kronos, father of time, ponder also the death-knell of Dark Matter, that Harry Potteresque, magical, virtually undetectable mass—roughly 23% of the mass of the universe, presumably—that was cooked up to hold everything together. Apparently, it does not exist.

Enjoy; a real-life space odyssey and learning that science cannot account for the vast majority of the universe seem to be the perfect subjects to launch our Sunday Spotlight of not-to-be-missed content pulsing through the internet tubes.

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